Darren Weeks

darrenDarren Weeks was an ordinary “working stiff” with a passion for investing. As a teenager, he began investing in penny stocks and mutual funds. He bought his first rental property as a student at the University of Alberta. But somewhere along the line, Darren started to blend in with the pack, to “go with the flow.” For several years, he did what everyone else was doing – working 9 to 5 to make ends meet and looking forward to the weekends. He worked in accounting and sales roles for a variety of organizations and never felt like he was getting the most out of life.

Everything changed in 2001, when a friend recommended Darren read a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. The book so perfectly articulated all of his beliefs about money and reignited the passion for investing he had in his youth. Shortly after reading the book, he made the life-altering decision to start Fast Track to Cash Flow, a company that would teach Canadians the principles laid out in the book, in addition to the lessons Darren had learned about money over the years. And the best part, all of Fast Track’s seminars would be free of charge!

Fast forward to present time. Darren has amassed an investment portfolio consisting of over 4,000 rental properties across North America, tens of millions of dollars in energy interests and hundreds of acres of land. He is also the largest individual shareholder in the Port of Falmouth, the world’s largest cruise ship terminal, which is operated by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Darren and his team are still providing events and conferences designed to expand the financial contexts of Canadians. Events about everything from budgeting, real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, raising capital, networking, marketing, personal development and so much more! More than 350,000 people have now attended Fast Track events throughout the country. Fast Track Group is amongst Canada’s business elite, having been ranked on the PROFIT 200 list for three consecutive years (#67 in 2010, #40 in 2011, and #64 in 2012).

Learn more about Darren at: http://fasttrackstudents.com/