10 Little Victories to Celebrate Yourself For Everyday

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Did you know that your brain has an in-built negativity bias? This means that unless you consciously choose to focus on all the good in your life, the daily successes and victories you have, where you’re winning and what you’re achieving, your brain will naturally go back to its’ default setting of focusing on everything that’s going wrong in your life.

One way of improving your ability to do this, to focus on the good, the joy and the success in your life, is to notice your daily (little or large) victories. The random act of kindness you performed for a stranger, the 30 minutes of exercise you made sure you got or the win at work with a fellow colleague. No victory is ever too small to celebrate and with all the good feelings you allow yourself to experience, you will invite even more goodness into your life.

WARNING: Acknowledging and celebrating your daily victories may lead to feelings of awesomeness, self-confidence and zest for life. This stuff is addictive!

Read on to find out what your victory list has in store for you, and how you can start celebrating yourself every day, week, month and year to follow.

1. The Victory of Gratitude

Feeling grateful, and more importantly expressing your gratitude for a person, place or thing is a victory. It means you’re choosing to be grateful rather than hateful, and that you are making space for even more good to come into your life. A profound quote to reflect on is “It is not happy people who are thankful, it is thankful people who are happy.”

2. The Victory of Achievement

Whatever you are achieving in your life and whichever area it may be in, the victory of achievement is a victory worth acknowledging and celebrating yourself for as often as possible. Acknowledging your past achievements and success is one of the most powerful strategies you can use to achieve new goals, fuel your aspirations and live a higher quality of life.

3. The Victory of Friendship

Do you have friends that you know have your back? Friends who love you for who you are, support and encourage you in everything you do? If you do, congratulations! You have one more victory to add to your list. You have amazing friendships and you are being an amazing friend. The quality of our social connections is such an important part of living a life of happiness.

4. The Victory of Health

Your health is your greatest asset. Nourishing your body with good foods and exercise means you value the body that you live in. Thinking thoughts that are helpful, not harmful, improve your emotional well-being which is also a key component of good health and longevity. As we give our bodies more, our bodies give us more. We get to experience more energy and vitality on a daily basis, and we give ourselves the gift of new and exciting experiences. If you prioritize your health on a daily basis, you have much to celebrate because you will never be truly wealthy until you have optimum health.

5. The Victory of Choice

The fact that we get to choose how we feel, what we do and what we stand for, every single day, is a victory worth celebrating. We live in a world of infinite possibilities and all that we must do is CHOOSE. Choose to think loving thoughts rather than self-defeating ones. Choose to grow and improve our skills so that we can add more value to the marketplace. Choose vibrant health over disease and stagnation. You wake up each morning with this unlimited power, and you choose how you use it.

6. The Victory of Growth

Growth = Life. If you’re not growing, you’re not truly living. Growth is not limited to specific areas of your life. You can grow in whichever area you choose and whichever way you choose. Want to grow your finances? Your network? Your skill set? Your spirituality? Your contribution? Your hobbies? Or your love life? Awesome! The more you grow, the more you become, and as you become more, you can give more. Don’t forget that learning from every setback and failure is also growth. So don’t discount it, embrace and honour it.

7. The Victory of Abundance

How blessed are we to live in a world of pure abundance. Everywhere you look there is abundance to be found. Nature is proof of the very abundance that exists in our world. Each leaf on a tree, every blade of grass, every petal and each grain of sand. Our true nature is abundance and we don’t need to look much further than our very own breath to know this. Nature has our back and we are abundantly blessed.

8. The Victory of Optimism

Every time you choose to see the good in a situation, the silver lining or the glass half-full, you are building your muscle of optimism. Optimistic people are much happier, and luckier, than negative people. Live like an eternal optimistic and remember to celebrate yourself for it. You are exercising your power in a world where most people believe they don’t have any.

9. The Victory of Imagination

No matter what your current circumstances are, you always have the power of imagination on your side. As the great author, Napoleon Hill once said, “We can create anything we can imagine.” He also refers to the imagination as “the workshop of the mind.” Your imagination is your co-creator and the more you harness its’ power, the more power you have to move towards living the life of your dreams.

10. The Victory of Action

“Action is the prescription to success.” If you want to make big things happen in your life, you must take action. And to take action you require courage. Courage can be the little voice inside of you that says, “Go on, try again.” However you use your courage, always see yourself as a winner, because you are using it. Conquer you weakness with courage, and keep on taking action… then CELEBRATE!!!

You’re awesome! Thanks for reading this.

Remember, the world needs you at your best.

Write your victories down, read and remember them, keep winning and keep succeeding.

– Saajidah Esat
Contributing Writer | Health & Happiness Enthusiast

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