3 Personal Development Books To Read This Summer

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Depending where you’re located, summer is either here or close by. So whether you’re looking for a new read this summer or wanting to work on self-growth, here are 3 personal development books to read this summer:

1. The Inspiration Code

Just as any child can grow up to be president, says executive coach Kristi Hedges, any employee, manager, or CEO can become a real inspiration to others. The behaviors that make for the kind of active listener and motivational conversationalist people want to follow are not a matter of born talent. They’re the result of skills that can be learned.

Hedges argues that inspirational leadership comes from a few consistent routine behaviors: investing in each conversation with full attention; speaking authentically; displaying the emotion and energy appropriate to each situation; and helping others find meaning in their place within the big picture. Hedges refutes common myths about executive leadership. She says what really moves people to action is genuine communication. With this message, Hedges delivers an exceptional leadership book.

2. The Bravest You

Alcoholics have Alcoholics Anonymous. Neurotics have therapy. But what if you’re just an average Joe stuck in a rut? Life coach Adam Kirk Smith has devised a plan for you. In a motivational style, he guides readers through a five-step “Bravery Process” (complacency, inspiration, fear, passion, bravery). The Bravest You doesn’t solve problems so much as equip readers with a box of tools to do the job themselves.

Smith shows how to identify goals and passions in what was once murk and discouragement while also identifying sources of fear—some or all of which might impede progress. Among these are fears of rejection, being judged, inadequacy, loneliness or losing control. Once Smith’s Bravery Process has been diligently mastered, however, such fears need never hinder again, so long as the program is diligently applied and reapplied. Instead of cringing before challenges, those using Smith’s principles should be able to face any situation not only with confidence but with aplomb.

3. Bearing The Unbearable

Grief is a constant part of the human condition. For that reason, there is no end of works on the subject, such as Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “One Art” or George Saunders’ new novel, Lincoln in the Bardo. Joanne Cacciatore, a Zen priest, supplements the consolations of literature with more practical analysis. Grief, she says, is the flip side of love. Fifty-two brief chapters lead the reader through the process, showing how grief can be a tool of transformation and healing.

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