4 Keys To Entrepreneurial Success in 2017

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Are you ready to have entrepreneurial success in 2017? If you are, you better be prepared to work harder than you ever have before. Don’t chase after get rich quick schemes, because they don’t exist. Don’t count on luck to be on your side, because you’ll be left disappointed.

The good news is that if you’re able and willing, you can reach entrepreneurial success without luck, and without wasting your time on get rich quick schemes. Here are 4 very simple, yet often overlooked tips if you want to experience an amazingly successful year:

1. Let go of the past.

Failures are a part of the experience, carrying with them a lifetime of lessons. However, you can’t bring your past failures into the now. You may have failed in the past (we all have), but in this present moment you are not failing, you are thriving.

You can and should learn from your past failures, but you should also put them behind you. When you are having trouble letting go of the past, remember that rarely do entrepreneurs reach wild success their first go around.


2. Begin each day ready to work on your dream.

Hustle. Hustle. Hustle. It’s easy to start slacking, but the minute you do, you will start to lose your momentum and drive. The best way to avoid this is to wake up each day enthusiastically, and go into that day knowing you have to work hard for your dream.

3. Continue learning and improving yourself.

Just as we all should strive to become better people each and every day, we should also strive to become better entrepreneurs. You can do this by finding mentors, attending conferences, networking, etc. Most importantly though, and this is something you can start taking doing today is READING.

Reading allows us into the minds of some of the brightest people in the world, which helps us to become better entrepreneurs. Make reading a part of your morning ritual, or fit it into your day elsewhere. Just make it a habit to start reading more and watch the benefits it’ll have on your everyday life.

4. Never allow yourself to quit.

Quitting is the easy way out. Entrepreneurship is difficult, frustrating, but it’s always worth it. So yes, being a successful entrepreneur in 2017 is going to be difficult, but when you are faced with a decision to walk away or stay; don’t quit.

You have to promise yourself that you will not quit. Because there will be hard times, and you have to get through those hard times, to experience the success that’s coming to you.

Be awesome.

– Blair Singer
Rich Dad Advisor


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  1. Thanks Blair
    Yes, thank you for your encouragement.

    I am working full time through the week, in a physically demanding job & every Sunday, l am growing my business from a Market Stall.

    I cook, serve & ‘entertain’ simultaneously…& l am noticing a client base now happening.

    It takes alot of effort, & it is not easy…but l do it, because l have my sights set on the ‘B/I’ side of the quadrant.

    It is good to read educated, supportive emails. Thank you again.

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