4 Reasons Why You’re Not a Millionaire Yet

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Many people out there desperately want to be millionaires, and why wouldn’t they? While money doesn’t buy happiness, financial freedom provides a sense of security. As with anything in life, before you can achieve whatever your goals may be, such as becoming a millionaire, you need to have the right strategy, as well acknowledge the reasons why you haven’t reached your goal already.

There are excuses, and then there are reasons why you aren’t where you want to be financially. So let’s hold back the “I can’ts” and excuses, and get down to the 4 reasons why you aren’t there yet.

1. Your goals aren’t clear, and neither are your actions.

Clear goals equal clear actions. If you go into anything lacking a clear goal in mind, and clear action steps in place to reach that goal, you will never reach it. Sit back and take the time to do the planning – and do it right.

2. You think other people can succeed but not you.

Believe that you can succeed. Visualize yourself as that successful man or woman who you once envied. If you visualize yourself being a millionaire success, and truly believe it can happen, you are one step closer to your goal.

3. You think your circumstances prevent you from success background or location prevents your success.

Neither your background or your location prevents you from success. Are some scenarios easier? Yes, but circumstances do not determine whether a relentless individual succeeds or not. Okay let me just repeat myself one more time.. Nothing can prevent you from success!

4. You rationalize why money can’t buy happiness, but you forget that it can buy you freedom

Again, money doesn’t buy happiness, but money is your one-way ticket to the freedom so many people crave to possess in this world. And then of course freedom can lead to happiness. To find your motivation when things get rough, focus on the freedom that money can and will buy you.

If your goal is to be a millionaire, awesome! If your goal is to become more skilled at your favorite trade – more power to you! Keep these reasons in mind when you are working towards whatever your next goal may be. If you do your absolute best to push these reasons off to the side and tuck away the excuses, you will see first hand what you are capable of accomplishing. Now mentally prepare to blow your own mind and go conquer some goals!

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