4 Tips To Wake Up The Entrepreneur In You This Summer

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Summertime is full of BBQ’s, parties, and traveling. But what if you changed your plans for this summer? What if you took the opportunity to wake up the entrepreneur in you? Now, this wouldn’t be easy, you’ll have FOMO (fear of missing out) when all of your friends are outside enjoying the great weather and you aren’t. But imagine all the knowledge you could get during these 3 summer months. Imagine how you could change your life!

So if you want to be an entrepreneur and create your own start-up one day use this summer to be as productive as possible to get to where you want to be. Here are 4 tips to help wake up the entrepreneur in you:

1) Educate Yourself By Reading

Reading means educating yourself. Take time to read books, read blogs and read the news. Many mistakes made during the creation in the early stages of entrepreneurship can be actually be avoided by reading experiences from other entrepreneurs who have already been there, done that.

2) Make It a Point To Meet Other Entrepreneurs

Don’t be individualistic, go and visit some start-ups, speak with entrepreneurs about your projects/ideas and ask for advice. The best way to see what a start-up life looks like, is to get an immersion week during which you can obtain a lot of tips and tricks and a glimpse of what you would face.

If you get the chance to travel, pay a visit to locals start-ups. Instead of planing to go party at the beach, go to places like Dublin, Berlin or the Silicon Valley. I know how hard it can be to let your friends party without you, but making sacrifices is part of he job. It will give you hint of what is the real start-up life.

3) Make The Time For Solo Brainstorming

Maybe the most important tip of all is this one, making the time to think. It sounds obvious but we never do it enough really. To do this, find an inspiring place you feel comfortable with and where you don’t have many distractons. Grab a pen and paper, put some music on if that helps and write your ideas. Start expressing yourself by writing what is on your mind and you will see how many ideas will come up. Try to put aside all your personal problems and everything that could reduce your productivity and your creativity.


4) Make This Summer The One You’ll Never Regret

Being an entrepreneur requires the skill of not listening to people who want you to divert from your objectives. It will be hard to make your own plan and trade parties and beaches against work and sweat. But you will need to be proud of yourself and what you do, there is no worse feeling than regret.


What are you doing this summer to bring you one step closer to your dreams of being an entrepreneur?

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  1. Going to a meeting thats happening this evening at a hotel Ball room where they will be discussing Land Trust and things of this nature. Explaining why there is never a reason to have Property in your name weather its my own home or another. VIA my neighborhood(Country) REIA(Real Estate Investors Association=BRIEA). Joining them or finding them or that they existed was by reading books finding out that there was more just wanting to get into Real Estate.

    Thanks for the read much appreciated and appreciate your time!

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