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4 Ways Successful (and Happy) People Start Their Day

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The most important part of each and every pretty day is when I awaken from my slumber to greet the morning. It’s certainly no secret that how we start our day serves as a precursor to the hours that follow. Knowing this, and knowing some situations and life-happenings were beyond my control, I wanted to know how to control what I could; my attitude, my thoughts, and myself. I wanted to know how successful people start their day; successful people who were not only rich in money, but in happiness.

After peeking into the lives of people I look up to, I started connecting the dots when I saw similar tricks they all shared to start their days with a heavy dose of positive. The more I put my new findings into practice, the brighter my days (even the trickier ones) got. So what’s the secret to a happy morning and even happier days?

Here are 4 ways to kick off your day on a happy note:

1. Have a routine.

To no surprise, productive days don’t just happen by accident. The most successful people I know have a consistent morning routine, and that’s what helps them thrive. Why is this so important? Because we may or may not control our destiny, but we can control the first hour or two of our day. I have learned through personal experience that by taking control of my first waking moments, I am more than likely going to see a day that will follow suit in being more in control.

2. Start a little earlier.

Waking up a little earlier has done wonderful things for my life, so I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that the successful people I look up to do this also. The key to a good morning routine is getting going at a time before other people need your time. Now, I never used to be an early rise, and I truly never believed that I be a morning person, but if there is a will there is way!

The truth is that no one is naturally a morning person. But when you see the positive rewards of setting your alarm earlier than usual, a shift happens and you see that it’s worth it. So just try waking up at 5 AM a few days in a row, and I’m almost certain you’ll learn how to be a morning person.

3. Read something positive first thing.

Going straight to your inbox first thing in the morning is absolutely the wrong way to start the day. Not that everything in your email is a negative, but what you read first thing will set your tone for the day. Instead, start your days off by reading something positive, and will radiate good vibes throughout the rest of the day. This simple step will set the tone for your mind and your life.

4. Center on gratitude.

As we all know, words carry great power. The words we choose heavily impact every aspect of our lives. If you don’t think so, try this: Next time you have had a bad day, take time to analyze why and I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to draw a straight line back to either reading, thinking, or saying something negative at the start of your day.

Our first words of each and every day should be ones of gratitude. Most successful people will agree that it is difficult to have a bad day if you are in a state of gratitude. So say out loud the things you are grateful for right when you wake up, and see the impact it’ll make.

Even if you’re a person like me who loves variety and detests routine, having a morning routine has set a positive tone for my life. These are practices that haven’t just worked for me, but have also worked in successful people’s lives, and I’m almost positive they can help anyone get to where they want to be in life.


– Jamie Fleetwood
Contributing Writer


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