9 Tips to Conquer Work Stress

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Stress is everywhere. It shows its face in a myriad of ways and many different levels of intensity, but it seems it’s always just around the corner waiting to pounce. So what do you do? Because stress is unpredictable. Other people are unpredictable too. So it all boils down to you. You must learn to develop a strong internal locus of control, digging your roots in deep so that you never get blown over by the winds of fortune and circumstance. To help you get grounded and feeling more confident, calm, and secure when times get crazy, here are 9 tips to conquer work stress:

1. Practice Gratitude

Just like a regular practice of meditation, practicing gratitude on a regular basis actually changes your brain. It relaxes you and helps you to think more clearly.

2. Respect Yourself

Remember people only treat you like you allow them to treat you. You must first and foremost, respect yourself enough to maintain healthy boundaries. Someone else’s emergency is not necessarily your emergency. Someone else’s opinion doesn’t have to be your opinion. You are secure enough to allow others to be who they are without getting sucked into their drama.

3. Know Who You Are

Knowing who you are and your true identity makes you question, how can one person’s seemingly crazy opinion rattle me? You are no longer subject to what other people think when you’re confident in who you are. It becomes clear that their opinion or lack of integrity or lazy work ethic doesn’t have to throw you off balance.

4. Nurture Your Awareness

By nurturing your awareness, you begin to realize where you stop and others begin. Just because they are acting crazy doesn’t mean that you have to jump on their band wagon. Just because their pants are on fire, doesn’t mean your pants are on fire too. Just because.. well I think you get the idea.


5. Limit Judgements

Limit your judgements. Why? Because judgmental people are negative people. They create strife and division, and what does strife and division cause? Stress. Limit your time with those people, and don’t be one of those people either.

6. Detach Yourself

Don’t be fooled – detachment is not the same as disinterest. You may be very interested in what is happening, but you cannot allow yourself to jump into a tar pit of drama because everyone else is jumping. You must be the one who stands on the edge, taking a deep breath and considering all the options.

7. Always Communicate Clearly and Effectively

In the workplace, as in your personal relationships, assumptions can be deadly. Learn to ask for what you need, say what you want, request clarification when you are confused. Good communication is essential for increased productivity. And learn to listen.

8. Forgive As Soon As Possible

You absolutely must let those resentments and the need for revenge go. Even if someone puts Windex in your coffee. The more time you spend focusing on the problem, the culprit, the unfairness of a situation, the more time you lose creating a solution. You must learn to let things go. Not because they don’t matter. Not because they aren’t important. And not because what the other person did is OK. But, because you are called to be a leader and you can’t lead if your feet are stuck in the mire.

9. Just Breathe

This is my favorite. It’s tattooed on my wrist. If things get crazy or stressful or abusive, take a breath. A deep breath. Or two. To create a moment of distance between yourself and the drama, so you are free to think clearly.

Implement these 9 steps. Get support when you need it most. Continue to be the lighthouse of inspiration and leadership that you are called to be. Do all of these things and stress won’t know who it’s up against.


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