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Robert Kiyosaki and the Rich Dad Advisors’ were interviewed on Fox and Friends promoting their new book, More Important Than Money. Many people have million-dollar ideas. They’re confident that their new product or service or innovation will make them rich and that all their dreams will come true. The problem is: Most people don’t know how to turn their million-dollar idea into millions of dollars.

Why? Because they forget the most important piece, their team. The most important thing in life is a person’s social and professional network. In other words, the people around us can mean the difference between success and failure.

As Robert Kiyosaki taught in Rich Dad Poor Dad, if the people around you have a poor person’s mindset, it’s likely that you’ll be, or stay, poor. Your team, in life and in business, will determine if your million-dollar idea will give you a million-dollar payday.

You can pre-order your copy of More Important Than Money here.


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  1. I am always super excited to learn/ read new materials from rich dad and advisors. Of all books I read no book gets me to do things as rich dad books do. Not to undermine the other books… Other books are very informative, they change the way you think, they give you amazing understanding and insight… But I have found rich dad books very practical. I go to TRA Tanzania revenue authority ..and gues who is guiding me, the rich dad books. This year I have finally resigned from my not so bad job. I had one regret, not reading the before you quit your job. But I gues I was prepared very much psychologically because of the rich dad books.. This include the free copies that you send me time to to
    I me.. I really respect Robert Kiyosaki, hope one day I shall have the opportunity to say this to him in person. So Mr Kiyosaki, don’t die too soon lol. Bless you sir

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