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Gratitude and The Happiness Advantage

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Painting a Picture of Gratitude and The Happiness Advantage.

Oh, that alarm clock. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday.Friday. The familiar ringing of your daily wake up call goes off without a hitch. Some mornings, even with the beautiful sunshine peeping in through the curtains, when you realize what a busy day you have ahead, the disrupting tune is simply an annoyance. So you lay there, tempted to aggressively pull those covers back over your sleepy set of eyes and accept defeat.

But then there are mornings when the repetitive dinging wakes you up and the sequence turns charming, with sprinkles of nostalgia. You wake up, eyes wide open, curled up in your tangled sheets, and you feel positive and thankful. You acknowledge the long list of to-do’s for today, but in goes a single deep breath, and out goes a smirk; because in that very second you know you have another opportunity to watch the sunrise. Another chance to drink 10 coffees to catch a buzz. The ability to complete your to-do list. 24 more hours to grow your business, thrive at your job, or finally take that bold step in becoming the entrepreneur you’ve craved to be. Another day to laugh, work, engage, pursue, listen, create, love.

The optimism you woke up with builds the foundation for the rest of your day that follows. If your productivity at work could thank you for waking up on the right side of the bed, it would. You’re more present and loving to your spouse. You hear bad news, but are still thankful for today’s wins. This feeling, it’s empowering and it just hits you, hard and deep. Unexpected, yet needed. Optimism radiates from within and outward, and there it is, your grateful heart.

How Does Gratitude Relate To Success & What The Heck Is The Happiness Advantage?

Every year the company I work for assigns a book for us to read, and last year it was The Happiness Advantage. Although a self-proclaimed optimist, prior to reading the book I never once considered how this trait could directly relate to my success in life, or how something of that nature could even begin to be measured.

Optimism often catches a misguided reputation. Some would say if someone is too optimistic, it’s unauthentic, they’re ignorant to some extent and simply ignoring the bad; because how could anyone continue to be happy when they fail or mess up?

“Looking at the world through a lens that completely filters out all negatives comes with its own problems. That’s why I like to offer a slightly revised version of the metaphor: rose-tinted glasses. As the name implies, rose-tinted glasses let the really major problems into our field of vision, while still keeping our focus largely on the positive. So to this executive I would say, not only can you run a business wearing rose-tinted glasses, but you should. Science has shown that seeking out the positive has too many tangible advantages to be dismissed as mere cockeyed optimism or wishful thinking.”

Gratitude and happiness create success. Success does not create happiness. The Happiness Advantage had the findings, the proof I needed to see. Just as happiness, optimism, and gratitude all interconnect in life, the same applies to work and business.

So what if we all did that? What if we all put on our rose-tinted glasses and looked at life a little differently? What if we all just took a moment, every day, to reflect and be abundantly grateful? According to The Happiness Advantage, such a simple concept can be catastrophically life-changing. Gratitude can transform relationships, businesses, and lives.

Let this be your alarm clock. No pulling those covers up and over your face. Wake up with a grateful heart.


– Jamie Fleetwood
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  1. Hello Jamie,
    You made my day. Thank you sincerely for this life transforming message.
    I have learnt not to ignore the fact that there are problems but I should focus my attention on those things that would guaranty my happiness.

    God bless you.

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