How I Know That You Are An Investor

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I already know that you are an investor.

We may not have met, so how could I possibly know this?

It is because every day, every dollar that you spend and every minute that you spend is an investment in something.

Say that you spend ten extra minutes washing and drying loose spinach to save two bucks compared to buying triple-washed, bagged spinach. That was an investment choice.

If you spend fifteen extra minutes hanging laundry on a clothesline to conserve electricity use in the clothes dryer, that was an investment choice too.

You make hundreds of investment choices every single day.

Invest in real estate, where you are paid FIVE ways at the same time. Stocks pay you ONE way, maybe TWO if you have a dividend-paying stock.

Besides its profitability, ethical real estate investment adds value to society.

When you originate a loan on an income property, you’re ethically using other people’s money three ways at the same time!

You’re leveraging the bank’s money for the loan, the tenant’s money for income, and the government’s money for generous tax incentives.

Now that’s wise investing.

Rather than investing time in mowing your own lawn, you could be learning about how this works. I discuss this on a recent podcast (click here).

When you invest in rental property that is clean, safe, and functional, you’re both cleaning up a neighborhood and providing people with sound housing.

Do the right thing for you and for a community; be an investor that does good in the world.

Rather than hand-washing your car, realize that you have a better-and-higher use. Learn how to be a better investor.

You are a person of value, and I know that you will spend every day for the rest of your life…investing.

I also made this video for you about how I know that you’re an investor. Click here to watch the video.


– Keith Weinhold
Contributing Writer | Founder & Host of Get Rich Education

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  1. This is spot on!
    I have been a proud member of this community for over five years…yes over five years and Real Estate tips led me to invest in Real Estate. Iam beginning to see the dividends..Thank you Rich Dad. We owe it to you!

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