How To Find Jewels in The Good and Bad

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We all love beautiful jewels, don’t we? We associate jewels with something that is precious. Jewels are beautiful to look at, but even more amazing to possess.

My encouragement to you is to commit to being a jewel collector, but not in the way you think. The way to do this is to perceive all your life experiences as valuable and precious. So whether you have a negative or a positive experience, learn to find the good in that by asking ,”What did I learn here?” or “What have I gained from this experience?”. In that way it translates the experience into a valuable and precious experience.

The characteristics of jewels are:

  • They are very valuable
  • They are rare
  • They are sparkly
  • They are beautiful

Wouldn’t it be lovely if our lives could have those characteristics. Read on to find out how to do exactly that.

1. Look for the jewel in adversity

We all go through adversity in our lives. Some of us go through more adversity than others. However the fact remains that we can choose our response to the adversity, and this choice is a game changer to the quality of our lives.

When we are going through tough challenges, we can choose where our focus goes. So we can focus on complaining and blaming or we can choose to focus on the silver lining that could be the lessons learnt or the strength that we gained. By doing the latter we turn that experience of adversity into a jewel. It’s not easy to find the jewel in adversity, but it’s worth it. And once you train your brain to constantly look for the jewels, you will be well on your way to be a jewel collector.

2. Acknowledge the jewel in your blessings

When good things happen, take a moment to pause, reflect and be grateful for the good times. Don’t just take the good times for granted, use them to propel your levels of happiness, thereby improving the quality of your life. By doing this, we will be adding jewels to our collection.

So there you have it, we can start now by deciding and committing to being a jewel collector, and start forging our path forward. We will undoubtedly all have different jewels in our collection, which we can show and share with others. We can also share our wisdom with others on how we acquired this particular jewel.

This is proof that we can all live very beautiful, valuable and sparkly lives.

Keep collecting your jewels, because your life is precious. The world needs more jewel collectors.

– Mubinah Esat
Contributing Writer

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