Blair Singer

blair_2sFor more than two decades, Blair Singer has empowered people around the world to go beyond their ordinary selves and reach peak performance, rightfully earning him a worldwide reputation as an expert in sales, business and personal growth.

A dynamic, in-demand public speaker, trainer and coach, Singer has the unique ability to get people and organizations to shake up the status quo, change behaviors and achieve unprecedented results. Spanning 20 countries on five continents, his clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small business owners, entrepreneurs, sales teams and just regular folks while his programs touch hundreds of thousands of people globally each year. He applies the same tried and true principals that work for big corporations and successful entrepreneurs to the “Business of Everyday Life”, helping individuals hungry for greater success.

As one of Robert Kiyosaki’s original Rich Dad Advisors, Singer imparts two of the most critical skills and elements for success in business (and in life): Being able to sell your idea, dream or concept and to build a great team to deliver it. His unique slant however is that the road to success is paved through personal development and knowing how to overcome the limitations and obstacles that arise both personally and within groups.

He is the author of three best-selling books: SalesDogs: You Don’t Have to be an Attack Dog to Explode your Income; The Team Code of Honor, and his latest book, Little Voice Mastery: How to Win the War Between Your Ears in 30 seconds or Less – and Have an Extraordinary Life!

Singer is a dynamic sales and personal growth training company deployed in over fifteen countries. This team of professional mentors and business builders work one-on-one with businesses and corporations to help them achieve double-digit growth in any economy.

Around the world, he is considered the “teacher of teachers” in the world of personal development training and business education. He has created hundreds of training programs and trained thousands of individuals worldwide to replicate their expertise using his unique brand of high impact teaching methodology.

“While working with Blair we increased our insurance premium sales by over $600 million while more than doubling our recruiting efforts…”
-Jason Tyne, World Financial Group

Blair Singer is a great communicator, a great teacher and a great human being. Like he says, when it comes to winning, it’s all about mastering your “Little Voice.”
-Robert Kiyosaki, Rich Dad Poor Dad, author, teacher and entrepreneur

Books by Blair Singer

Little Voice Mastery

How to Win the War Between Your Ears in 30 Seconds or Less and Have an Extraordinary Life!


Although we may have never met, I know these two things about you are true:

  • You have a “Little Voice” deep inside of you
  • That “Little Voice” doesn’t always support you

It doesn’t matter if your business is booming, or if it’s on life support, your “Little Voice” inside is typically the unseen force that drives you to success or failure in everything you do or don’t do.

Let me explain: For the past three decades, I have carefully studied, learned, taught and mastered the secret to winning the war between the ears in 30 seconds or less – and enjoying an extraordinary life.

This is the subtitle of my newest book, Little Voice Mastery: How to Win the War Between Your Ears in 30 Seconds or Less – and Have an Extraordinary Life!

If you’re an entrepreneur, independent professional or small business owner, I want you to discover my simple, yet incredibly powerful strategies you can start using immediately to…

  • Maintain your power in any pressure situation
  • Stop the debilitating chatter in your mind
  • Uncover and realize your lifelong dreams easier
  • Build powerful and lasting confidence faster
  • Resurrect and rebuild the “hero” inside of you
  • Manage adversity and come out a winner

Learn how to reprogram how you think so that you can get everything you want out of life…physically, financially and emotionally. Rely on the proven “Little Voice” Mastery techniques to help you break through your fears, by-pass doubts, smash through obstacles and multiply your personal income.

Are you ready to Win the War Between your Ears in 30 Seconds or Less?

Get your copy today!

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Sales Dogs

salesdogThe number one skill for any entrepreneur or business owner is the ability to sell. Why? Because sales = income. Yet, many fail financially not because they do not have great ideas or even good work ethic, but typically because they don’t know how to, refuse to, are afraid to, or don’t think it is important to know how to sell.

SalesDogs was written as the very first of the Rich Dad Poor Dad “how-to” Advisory series to teach in a very fun and impactful way how to overcome the fears, the myths and the obstacles to selling your products, services or yourself. It then teaches a simple, time-proven process of selling that will generate great income in most any business. The reader will learn the five most important selling skills to master, how to overcome any objection, manage a territory and much more.

The book quickly de-bunks the idea that you have to be an overly aggressive “attack dog” to be successful. It uses the metaphor of “man’s best friend” to say that a great sales person is like a loyal, persistent and lovable canine. It stipulates that there are five different “breeds” or personalities of SalesDogs that can each make a lot of money by playing to its strength. You will learn how to identify, maximize and train to that strength and also how to teach others on your team to do the same.

While the book is fun and engaging, it also dives deep into the personal development issues that block a person’s ability to generate income and how to overcome them. The book is perfect for first time salespeople, individuals who are uncomfortable with the notion of “selling”, those who need to train others to sell and those who want to simply get better quicker.

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Team Code of Honor

BZKP_Singer_TeamCodeHonor.Front.PROOF2Great champions in sports, business and even families have one thing in common. It’s a legitimate secret weapon. It is something that lies deep in the genetic code of winning organizations. It appears when pressure is high, when the stakes are critical and when everything is on the line. They know how to work as a team.

Blair Singer’s Team Code of Honor offers a set of simple, powerful rules that govern the internal behaviors of any business, organization, family or individual. They are rules like ‘Never abandon a teammate in need’, ‘Be personally responsible for all mistakes’ and ‘Be on time’. This book will step you through the process so that you can create championship results any time, any place.

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